Patrick J. Collins

I am a human-centered software engineer and leader who specializes in web platforms.

Work Experience

LUMA Institute, Pittsburgh, PA

Director of Software Engineering, 10/2018-now
Engineering Lead, 3/2018-10/2018
Senior Software Engineer and Product Lead, 5/2015-3/2018

  • Hired as first software engineer on a small product team, expanded an all-remote engineering team to 5 people
  • Brought an agile software development approach to a design-led, non-technical team
  • Helped drive requirements gathering on a small high-performing product team to define work, optimizing for keeping the process lean and nimble
  • Drove software and infrastructure efforts for LUMA Workplace product from initial prototype to wider launch with thousands of monthly active users
  • Lifted Net Promoter score (NPS) to world-class level of 86 as early and core member of cross-functional team
  • Directly developed full-stack web software to support continuous learning and capability development
  • Evolved Rails and Ember code bases to continue to adapt to changing business needs
  • Designed and built out distributed infrastructure to create a flexible publishing pipeline
  • Set up automation infrastructure with Heroku, Amazon, Jenkins, and Slack to empower the team to publish key LUMA content quickly
  • Led engineering team to create and continually refine a continuous deployment process and pipeline
  • Led company through product information security and data privacy audits with multiple Fortune 500 companies, which led to enabling web platform access for hundreds of thousands of people
  • Implemented SAML 2.0 to allow enterprise customers to manage platform access
  • Assisted with compliance efforts by writing company policy to formalize processes
  • Prototyped business intelligence dashboards using extract-transform-load (ETL) tools and a SQL data warehouse
  • Standardized on team conventions across backend and frontend stacks to keep the team productive and reduce risk
  • Designed and led hiring process with goals of eliminating bias and measuring candidates objectively

MAYA Design, Pittsburgh, PA

Senior Software Engineer, 2014-5/2015
Software Engineer, 12/2011-2014

  • Designed and created user experiences and applications for various corporate, government, military customers
  • Created rapid prototypes, often with web technologies, created to illustrate design intent and to run usability tests
  • Assumed role of project lead, managing schedules, budgets, and internal/external resources
  • Turned a Case of Soda into a Boombox for SXSW. Lead engineer and technical project manager. Responsible for computer vision prototyping with OpenCV, hiring and managing a worldwide team of 3-4 audio and computer vision contractors, hands-on iOS UI construction with Objective-C, social media integration, and more.
  • Helped a leading process management company improve the design and user experience of its wireless network management software by prototyping next-generation user interface. Stack included Rails, Backbone, CoffeeScript.
  • Designed and implemented a proof-of-concept UI to visualize the analyzing of images and videos for initial phase of DARPA Visual Media Reasoning (VMR) program. Developed REST API for data aggregation and real-time data exploration prototype. Stack included Backbone, D3.js, CoffeeScript, MongoDB, RabbitMQ, Python, gunicorn.
  • Mock real-time analytics APIs for use with visual dashboard concepts for military applications. Stack included D3.js and React.
  • Clients included DARPA, Emerson, General Dynamics, General Electric, Highmark, PepsiCo

Software Engineer, ShowClix, Pittsburgh, PA


  • Led software engineering efforts to build ShowClix mobile ticketing platform (YouTube, web) on PHP and iOS platforms
  • Created and extended components for next-generation Crowd box office system (YouTube, web), built in a custom MVC event-driven JavaScript framework
  • Led development efforts to build Incentix social media marketing platform
  • Developed features for iOS Axess scanning app for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad

Senior Software Engineer, Deeplocal, Pittsburgh, PA


  • Developed core components and worked to prototype a real-time ad bidding network with the RouteShout mobile transit platform using PHP, Ruby, PostgreSQL and PostGIS
  • Prototyped REST APIs for custom hardware using the Arduino open source hardware platform, Ruby, and the standard firmata protocol

Interactive Developer/Designer, Wall-to-Wall Studios (w|w), Pittsburgh, PA


  • Acted as head designer, information and software architect, developer, and head geek for numerous projects, many times taking on the role of primary technical contact
  • Solely architected and developed a strategic overhaul of W|W CMS (the in-house content management system) and the CMS framework behind it, enabling the firm to complete large web projects and custom development efforts more efficiently
  • Increased team productivity by establishing frameworks to work within, including an implementation of the MVC design pattern, automated deployment, automated server provisioning, and continuous integration
  • Recommended and implemented several in-house technical endeavors, including setting up multiple dedicated servers to serve as critical infrastructure, organization of source code into the Subversion and Git source code management platforms, launching an internal bug tracking tool, and synchronizing internal authentication using LDAP
  • Clients included Carnegie Mellon University, American Museum of Natural History, Fallingwater


Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA

  • M.S., Multimedia Technology. Topics studied: Human-computer interaction, project management, media writing. Graduated summa cum laude. (2005-2006)

  • B.A., Interactive Media. Concentrations in Computer Science and Web Design & Development. Topics studied: Instructional design, network programming, database management. Graduated cum laude. (2001-2005)


  • Design: Strong abstract thinker, Service design, Skills in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign
  • Web Development: PHP, HTML5, CSS, LESS, SASS, JavaScript, single-page applications (SPA)
  • Programming: Ruby, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Go, iOS / Objective-C, Bash
  • JavaScript: Node.js, CoffeeScript, Ember.js, Grunt, Gulp, React, Webpack
  • Other Technologies: SQL, AJAX, REST, XML, XSLT, JSON, Regular Expressions, Web Services, Subversion, Git, Redis
  • Database management: PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, SQLite
  • OS Platforms: Mac OS X, Linux, Windows. Very comfortable in command-line environments. I live in vim and tmux when I can.

Currently Really Excited About

Team productivity in an agile environment, service-oriented architecture, Go, Rust, Kafka, React, Immutable JS, Ember.js, Clojure, Immutable infrastructure, Team publishing collaboration, GraphQL